Adam Lambert is keen on American Idol judge job – sign him up

Adam Lambert would love to be a judge on American Idol.

Not only would it mean more sexy Lambert on our screens than we could shake a stick at, but we also think he’s pretty perfect for the job. Think about it, it’s where he found mega-fame so he knows the show, he knows the ropes, he knows what it takes and he knows true talent.

So, would he want the job if they offered him it? Of course he would!

“Dude if they called me, I’d be like, ‘Yeah. Where do I sign?’ It would be very cool. It would be exciting,” Adam expressed, reports Just Jared. “It would be a really cool opportunity to help people coming into the show and to help them keep their vision focused because it does become overwhelming. There’s so many people telling you what they think you should do and your family, the producer, the judges, and all the other contestants that might be screwing with your head. I think it might be nice as a judge to help people stay focused. It gets crazy. To help them reach their dreams — it would be such a reward.”