Top 20 Sexiest Male Celebrities 2015

Oh, the weather outside is frightful… but we’ve got a sure-fire way to beat the ice-cold February blues: our annual ‘sexy list’.

It’s a time-honoured tradition that here at Flecking HQ, our first big task of the year is to round up the sexiest male celebs from the worlds of film, TV and music, and present them to you in a well considered order – a very well considered order, that we gals and guys spend hours arguing over.

Previously the number one spot has gone to Ian Somerhalder, Joshua Jackson, Henry Cavill and Leonardo DiCaprio – who could possibly top that lot?!

So who is out and who is in? Well, luscious Mr DiCaprio failed to make the cut this year (so you know competition is tough), as did the likes of Jared Leto, Josh Charles and Zac Efron. We’ve got new blood on the list, in the form of Matthew Goode, Callum Best and Chris Pratt – as well as the two oldest gentlemen to make our list at 58 and 60 years of age. Old favourites Kit Harington, Adam Lambert, Joshua Jackson are in there as always – but where did everyone rank?

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