6 Tech buying tips you should know

So you walk into a shop and there are 100s of new TVs, laptops and mobiles to choose from. Where do you start Follow our tips below and you should be armed with the knowledge you need to get what you want at the right price!

1. Know your jargon

Most people know a few acronyms but there are always new ones cropping up, especially as big tech companies now like to come up with their own new ones to try and make them stand out. Take a few seconds and Google or ask someone if one pops up you don’t understand. When buying tech, especially anything with a screen, the difference between HD and UHD or LED and OLED can make a big difference in the quality of the product and even more in the price of it. It’s not helpful that there seems to be so many acronyms that are all very similar, so go shopping armed with the knowledge of what they mean and you’ll start off in a better place.


2. Don’t be afraid to check prices online before you buy in store

It’s sometimes awkward but if you’re about to buy something in a shop, take a quick second, whip out your phone and check the price on Amazon or Google. It can be literally that quick to save 10s or even 100s of £/$/€. It’s easy enough to say thanks but no thanks in a store when you realise that you might be able to save a whole chuck of money ordering your shiny new gadget from an online store. Sometimes the big retailers even beat themselves selling products cheaper online… CRAZY RIGHT? It’s also worth noting when buying online, before you checkout, just see if you can save money ordering the same product elsewhere but get free delivery or cashback.

3. Don’t be afraid to buy last years products

Now if you just love to keep right up to date with the latest tech offerings this might now be for you. However buying last years model of whatever you’re after can be a great way to get more for your money. We know that every year a new model of just about everything from TV’s to Coffee Machines will come out and the model number will have some extra numbers and letters or a new random roman numeral. But… Have a look around and you can often find last years TVs, Mobiles and Laptops at cut prices as both high street and online shops look to make room for this years offerings. If you carefully look into exactly what you want, you can potentially find better products that just have last years styling (we are looking at you TVs).

4. Be wary of salespeople

It’s their job people! All we can say is try not to feel the pressure. Most sales people don’t moonlight as Physics Professors and research new technologies. The best ones will try and inform you what you are buying and help you make a decision (on what to buy from them), the bad ones will sell you anything for as much money as they can. In short, take a pinch of salt with you to the shops. Online review can be a mixed source of information but it’s always worth reading a few reviews of the new gadget you fancy.

5. Deals aren’t always deals

BEWARE! Whether it’s Black Friday, Boxing Day, Cyber Monday or just January a deal isn’t always a deal. Don’t get me wrong, in the right place at the right time there are great deals to be had. Most tech shops have some kind of ‘deal’ on all year but often they compare prices to RRP, a price that they have never used. Again a quick check online or in other shops and you can see how good a ‘deal’ is. Easy.

6. Second hand can be well worth it

If you know exactly what you after it’s always worth checking around to see if anyone is selling what you want, for even a slightly reduced price. It’s always worth a look on eBay, Facebook, Gumtree or your preferred second hand site to see if there are any bargains to be had. You never know, you might just get exactly what you want and save a few pounds. Just beware to make sure you know what you’re getting. If you’re not convinced or want to reduce you’re risk then there are always plenty of second hand high street shops to go bargain hunting in. In the more well known places you may even get a warranty! There is no shame in a gadget that has been used before, especially if you’re not a millionaire and you like to keep up to date.

Still have questions? Drop us a comment below and we’ll help if we can.