Review: London Grammar – Truth is a Beautiful Thing

English trio London Grammar’s latest album Truth is a Beautiful Thing is exactly what it should be.

If you’re a fan of their first album If You Wait then stop reading and just go listen now, you’ll love it. For those who don’t know, London Grammar have a unique indie-pop-electro sound and lead vocalist Hannah Reid certainly has a voice to behold, one that is equally as impressive live.

Their second album is certainly an evolution rather than revolution, as the band now have a very refined sound which is completely their own. It seems they have dabbled in the art of less is more and this has seemingly produced great results whilst keeping their unique soundstage intact.

The whole album is an effortless listen and whilst some of the experimentation from If You Wait seems to be missing, there are ample quality moments here that will keep this album (and artist) on repeat for a while. Let’s hope it’s not another 4 years until their next album.