The best PS4 accessories

So we know the PS4 is great, be it the original, the slim or the Pro. So this holiday, Black Friday or Christmas why don’t you treat yourself or the Nerd you love to some sweet PlayStation extras, to enhance that sweet holiday-time video game binging session.

Let’s start with one of the most useful accessories you can get. This Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset has great sound, looks cool and will do a good job of blocking out pesky people who don’t realise gaming is important.

Check it out here: Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset


If you’re a little short on space or have a cluttered AV shelf or cabinet then this product can be a life saver. Not only can this stand your shiny PS4 upright but the PS4 cooling fan and charging stand can also keep your machine cool with its extra fans store and charge two controllers. All this in a small cheap package, count us in!

There is also a version with an attached games rack so check it out here: PS4 cooling fan and charging stand


If you’re going to be sat still for a while, might as well be comfy right? Well what could be more comfy than a Giant Bean Bag? This thing is cheap, comfy, drink and food proof and can be used as a non-lethal weapon as friends become enraged by FIFA or COD. It can also be tossed in a cupboard if for some crazy reason someone else needs to use the TV.

Check them out here: Giant Bean Bag 


There are chairs and then there are X Rocker Pro 4.1 Gaming ‘Chairs’. This thing comes with built in Infiniti surround sound speakers, can connect wirelessly and has vibration motors that work like those in a controller. Basically, it’s pretty sweet and as far as gaming chairs go it’s a hard one to beat. The PlayStation logos are a nice finishing touch too!

For the gamer who really deserves it: X Rocker Pro 4.1 Gaming Chair


Every gamer knows that a you need a second controller, because you never know when you’ll need to lay the smackdown on one of your buddies. If you’re going to get a second controller, you may as well make it a cool one – like this Star Wars one.

Get your hands on this cool controller: DualShock 4


No-one wants to have to plug controllers in every time you finish a gaming session so this PS4 Controller Wireless Charger pad is really a great idea. Simply sit controller on the pad and magic wireless charging happens. Then simply pick up and play next time you’re ready. It’s super simple and it seats two.

So check it out: PS4 Controller Wireless Charger


If you want to amp up your controller power this DualShock 4 Silicone Cover provides both form and function. It not only looks cool – other designs are available to suit your style – but it also provides an extra grippy texture that really feels great in your hands.

Get to grips with this: DualShock 4 Silicone Cover

PS4s are starting to become available in different colours and designs, but if you’re after something more unique, or just not wanting to pay the price of replacing your entire console just to get a different look, you can buy decals to mix things up at a fraction of the cost. Many different designs are available and all you’ll need is a steady hand for sticking them on your current machine.

We love these space inspired designs: PS4 Decal

One common gripe of PS4 players is the lack of USB slots to plug in the plethora of accessories available! Enter this cheap 5 Port PS4 USB Adapter which sits at the front of  the console and mirrors the existing style. Then you can finally be free to add all the USB stuff you can get your hands on.

Check out this great free accessory here: 5 Port PS4 USB Adapter

Last but not least the humble hard drive. It’s not fancy, fun or exciting but… it’s still an essential. With all those PlayStation online sales coming up you’re going to need this little thing plugged in all the time. Not to mention that install files keep getting bigger.

This one is great and comes in different sizes: 1TB USB External Hard Drive