McFly: Unstoppable?

They may have split from their record label and battled against Dizzee Rascal, but there is no stopping McFly. Their new video ‘Lies’ was shown today on Channel 4, but it’s far from what you would expect from them. We’ve had various different and interesting videos from McFly (Room On The 3rd Floor has to be one of them!), but this beats them all. The band seem to break down in what seems like one of those VW vans, and then end up fighting against a bunch of scantily-clad dancers. Of course they win, but it’s certainly nothing I’ve seen before. Listen at about 4.09 on the video for a “ha, ha” from Danny. It’s very Backstreet Boys ‘Larger Than Life’!

McFly, I am impressed. The video may be a bit out there, but the song is incredibly catchy. You will be singing the word ‘Lies’ over and over, I promise you.

Watch out world, McFly are about to take over…

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