Coldplay Chris punches Q Editor


Chris Martin may be known for his calm and gentle side, but he let it all rip at the Q awards earlier this month.

The Editor of the magazine, Paul Rees, had made a joke about Chris’ wife Gwyneth, and her ex-fiancee Brad Pitt.

It all started when they were discussing Chris’ declaration of love for Girls Aloud. Earlier on that evening, he had been praising them when Coldplay won Best Album for ‘Viva La Vida, Or Death And All His Friends’. So striking up a conversation, Paul Rees complimented the lead singer of Coldplay on his taste of women. Chris then confessed he has such a big crush on Girls Aloud, and his wife said he was allowed to leave her for just one member of the girl band. However Gwyneth had chosen Westlife as her fantasy group

Paul Rees was shocked and so said, “You could have at least told her Brad Pitt.” In which Chris reportedly responded, “She was engaged to him, you f***er.”

In an attempt to make the situation better, Paul put his arm around Chris and tried to comfort him by reminding him Gwyneth had ended her relationship with Brad whereas she had married Chris.

Unimpressed by the terrible apology, Chris punched Paul in the chest, and apparently called him a terrible word beginning with ‘C’. We’ll let you work that one out!

So you’ve been warned. Don’t mess with Chris Martin…