Guns ‘N’ Roses to follow in McFly’s footsteps?

It seems in this day and age, artists are constantly looking for new ways to promote their music. With record sales falling, there is ongoing debate about file sharing sites like Kazaa and Limewire taking money away from bands and record labels.

Prince took the groundbreaking decision to release an album for free with the mail on Sunday. Flecking faves McFly did the same, and the Mail is said to have increased it’s circulation by around 300,000 copies that day (the equivalent of platinum album status).

Now it’s legendary rock band Gun ‘N’ Roses who look set to follow suit. reports that “The band are said to have approached advertising agencies rather then music promoters to publicise the album, which has been over 10 years in the making and is due out on November 25.”

All we can say is, after seeing the obvious extortionate budget on the “Lies” video, McFly seem to have done pretty well out of their deal with the Mail On Sunday! If only they’d share the wealth with me…