So we’ve been quiet for the past few days! If you’ve been wondering what we’re up to, we’ve got some really exciting stuff coming up!

We can confirm the next issue of our magazine will be coming out late November / early December.

This week we’ve been on an interviewing spree.
Leeds boys Saving Time! (right) and Summerlin will be making an appearance in the next issue, we’ve got hilarious interviews and photos with the Saving Time boys and Ben and Drew from Summerlin, definitely not to be missed.

We love the Trick or Treat themed photos we did with Saving Time! and our early Halloween party certainly went down well, well the sweets did!

Another interviewing delight that will feature in the magazine was with Aaron Sidwell and his new band mate Ross. You might know Aaron better as Steven Beale in EastEnders. They’re heading in a new direction that has absolutly nothing to do with lady boys. The guys were great and the interview was hilarious, the only thing funnier than the interview was photo shoot with a concept that the boys chose themselves!

Watch this space!