Zac Efron to star in The Hangover 2?

15th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - ArrivalsThe best news we’ve heard in ages – Zac Efron may have a part in The Hangover 2!

It’s just a rumour at the moment (Zac says he hasn’t had the call yet) but it’s certainly a rumour we want to come true.

“That would be amazing,” Zac told Access Hollywood. “I think that they’re amazing and I love the cast that they’ve got going on.”

Another person hoping that it’s going to happen is actor Justin Bartha who played Doug in the first film.

“If it gets people in the seats, yes, Zac Efron and the ‘Twilight’ guy. All the ‘Twilight’ guys – every one of them with their shirts off, and Will Smith.”