Want to get Rihannas look? Get your lottery ticket ready!

Reports of how much it costs Rhianna to get her look have been revealed by a source close to the beautiful star.  It’s reported that Rhianna spends a whopping HALF A MILLION POUNDS on her appearance each year.  Included in this is almost £1,000 per day on a Personal Trainer and just over £500 per day on her own Chef to cook her food ”just as she likes it”.  You’d think if this is the kind of cash she is spending somebody would have the decency to tell her to loose the hair that only 2 darling twins from Ireland can carry off.

I’m sorry but £500,000 on her looks? How? Why? No wonder she looks so stunning all the time.  You can’t help but think that this is a bit ridiculous.  But one things for sure, we don’t feel half as bad for splashing out for a new bag and shoes last week, fancy being stuck with Rhianna’s bill.  Ouch.