Celebrity ‘broody’ season?

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It seems a number of celebrities in the past few weeks have been suddenly declaring their need for a new addition to their families.

Katie Price is apparently so keen to have a family with Alex Reid, that she is having IVF treatment only three months after the couple are married. Katie Price was spotted at a top baby clinic, after rumours have circulated that she is worried about her partners “low sperm count”.

Another celebrity vowing about having a child is Lily Allen. She told Absolute Radio that she wants to take five years out of her music career and focus on having a baby within the next year.

She said on the Radio that; “I’d want to be really hands-on for the first two or three years of having a little one. I don’t want to leave them.”

Turning it to the men now, it is rumoured David Beckham is more broody than Victoria Beckham about having a new addition to their family.

Victoria is said to want a little sister for her three sons and David is rumoured to want to try for another baby in hope that it is a little girl.

Is there something in the air at the moment?!