Josh Holloway collected dead chickens

Lost Live: The Final CelebrationHe hasn’t always been Sexy Sawyer from Lost y’know – Josh Holloway’s first job was collecting dead chickens.

The Lost actor has always had a strong work ethic and was just 11 years old when he got his first job carting bird carcasses out of a chicken house.

He said: “I was like Monty Python, ‘Bring out yer dead!’ I had my wheelbarrow and I’d just pick up dead chickens and chart them – how many died in this house, how many died in that house. So I am no stranger to hard work.”

However, the 40-year-old star has always preferred working as an “artist”, even though his insecurities mean he often finds it challenging.

He explained in an interview with the June issue of Men’s Health magazine: “I like the growth that happens to an artist in transition. A lot of growth takes place throughout your insecurities, through having to re-evaluate something you thought was working and finding a way to make it work differently. All of that is very uncomfortable.”

Despite becoming very famous because of his acting career, Josh – who has a 12-month-old daughter, Java, with his wife Yessica – never set out to be a star and only ever wanted to be a family man.

He added: “I always wanted a wife and child, so I geared my life that way.”