Sarah Jessica Parker: “Sex and The City 2 is a getaway for fans”

'Sex And The City 2' - World Premiere -NYC

The lady herself has spoken out about the new film which hits our cinema screens this Friday.

Talking to Access Hollywood at the Sex and The City 2 film premiere on Monday night, she said how the film was like a getaway for fans that don’t have the bank balance or the shoes!

Sarah said, “I just feel really privileged that we got to [make the sequel] and we had a studio who let us do something so extravagant and most importantly, we wanted to transport our audience.

“We wanted to give them, in this economic climate, a vacation,” she explained. “Hopefully, at an affordable price.”

Parker obviously wants to have as much fun watching the film as she did making it, saying: “We want very much for it to be worth them leaving their home and spending their hard earned dollar,” she continued. “We want them to be sort of carried away to a place that is exotic and glamorous and ridiculous and wonderful.”

Aww, isn’t that nice? Now… where are our Manolo Blahnik’s?