Will.i.am bonds with Cheryl’s mother

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Los Angeles Industry ScreeningCheryl Cole’s mother “approves” of will.i.am.

The ‘Fight for the Love’ star – who split from soccer star husband Ashley Cole in February amid allegations he had cheated on her with several women – introduced Joan Callaghan to the Black Eyed Peas producer last week and he says they hit it off instantly.

He said: “Her mum’s great. She can totally trust me with her daughter. Cheryl’s a good family girl and her mum’s been her rock through all that happened so I think Mum wanted to make sure I was a good boy.

“Her mum approves of me I’ve been told. She knows I’ve been helping Cheryl through all this and just trying to keep a smile on her face.”

The 35-year-old ‘Boom Boom Pow’ hitmaker admits he is “happy” to be able to support Cheryl – who is currently opening for Black Eyed Peas on tour – and be by her side as she deals with the end of her marriage.

He added: “She’s a beautiful girl but she’s a good girl and beautiful inside as well. I’m happy looking after her at the moment.

“She’s a strong girl but everybody needs somebody to look out for them, and that kind of looks like it’s my job.”

Will.i.am admits the thing he finds most attractive about Cheryl is her down-to-earth nature.

He explained in an interview with Now magazine: “We’re having a great time hanging out with each other on tour. She’s the perfect girl. She looks great but you can have the sort of time with her that you’d have with your best buddy.

“One the one hand, she’s growing into one of the biggest, most glamorous stars in the world, but on the other you can sit down with her with a bucket of KFC and not stop laughing. I don’t think there’s anyone I’d rather share some fried chicken with.”