James Bourne – Future Boy Interview

You cannot argue with the fact that James Bourne is a musical genius. Not only was he a founding member of Busted, who sold millions of albums and sold out arena tours, but he has written songs for some of the biggest musicians around. When Busted split up he went on to form Son Of Dork and he even wrote a musical based on their hit album Welcome To Loserville which is hitting the West End in 2011.
He has new music online available for download in the form of solo project Future Boy, which he is really excited for his fans to hear.

I had a chat with James about EVERYTHING.

Tell us about the name Future Boy.
I’m obsessed with Back To The Future, hence a lot of my inspiration comes from there. Also I wanted to make music that sounded like it was made in the future. And I’m a boy.

A lot of people seemed surprised by the lack of guitar…
I had to do something that sounded different, reinvent my style. I still make guitar music but that isn’t Future Boy. The song I wrote for The Saturdays, Forever Is Over, has a sick guitar riff, that’s me playing on the recording by the way.

Do you do a lot of writing and recording for other people?
Yes, what do you think I do with myself every day? Stay in bed? [laughs] Music is my thing, I’m non-stop in the studio.

Name drop some people you’ve written for.
McFly, The Saturdays, Backstreet Boys, Jonas Brothers, Gabriela Cilmi, Boyzone, Busted, Son Of Dork, Better Than Ezra, Ripchord, MC Lars, Pat Monohan (the singer from Train), Allstar Weekend, Miranda Cosgrove, Mitchel Musso, the list goes on! I’ve also had loads of songs cut in pop idol in different countries, but I couldn’t name them all. I don’t really keep track of those ones. I have a few songs on hold at the moment waiting to come out with some seriously big artists, but I don’t wanna say in case any of them fall through.

That is an impressive list! Where do you get all that inspiration from?
I just get ideas and put them down.

Your new music is online to download – do you think musicians need a big record label to survive these days?
No way. I loved being on a big label in Busted, Universal Island were an incredible team. That was a good experience, but normally bands will tell you that major label experiences suck. I hated being on a label with Son Of Dork, they didn’t share my vision and only signed the band ‘cause I was in Busted. I still believe in Son Of Dork, and it’s music is very much alive in my new musical which opens in the West End, 2011.

We saw the musical, it was great! How did that idea come about?
The songs didn’t realise their full potential with Son Of Dork. I always believed those songs were bigger than what the band became.

Do you still speak to the other Son Of Dork boys?
I see some of them around. I’m so busy with other stuff. We kind of drifted.

Still friends though? No hard feelings?
No hard feelings on my part.

Do you think Dave Williams brought down Son Of Dork? Some of the fans blame him.
If I ever made another Son Of Dork record I’d only bring the band members who wanted to do it, otherwise I’d find new players. I own that band and in the contract I can fire any member at any time. But it’s really unlikely I’d do another SOD album. I’d rather work with Matt Willis again.

Speaking of Matt… Is there any truth, or has there ever been any truth, in any of the Busted reunion rumours?
It’s BS!

Would you ever want to reunite the band?
Matt actually asked Charlie if he would mind us using the name Busted without him.

Did he agree?
He said no. We invited him back, knowing he wouldn’t be into it. He doesn’t want to come back, but he doesn’t want me and Matt to do it without him either.

Do you think he’s happier now?
Haven’t talked to him since the press conference, so I have no idea.

Back to your new music! Why did you decide to release it in two parts?
I think it’s easier for people to digest five songs at a time, instead of ten.

Do you think piracy will affect you? Most musicians rely on album sales.
Future Boy can’t really fail, I didn’t have any cost of hiring session musicians, I played it all myself. It was a cheap record to make, so I will recoup and move forward quickly. It can’t split up, ‘cause it’s just me.

Will you be playing any UK gigs?
Soon enough.

A lot of your fans thought of you when Michael Jackson died, it must have hit you hard.
When I got the Michael news I was in Vegas, and I was shocked. Then I cried like a three year old for about 30 minutes. I’m still sad about it now.

I have a few questions for you from Twitter. The first is from Matt Willis. Who came up with the name Future Boy?
He is crazy if he doesn’t know the answer to that, I think he is joking around. I already answered that one, see question one.

What would your dream band line-up be?
James Taylor, Bruce Hornsby, Peter Cetera, Michael Jackson.

What is your favourite song on the new album?
Space Travellers.

Is there a song you wish that had written?
I wish I wrote Man In The Mirror, that is my favourite song of all time, nothing matches it in my book.

Are you worried about 2012?
No. I do like that theory and I believe in a lot of that stuff. I just don’t think the world will end then. I do believe the story about the alien race that built the pyramids and that’s where the inspiration for Space Travellers came from.

Do you have any words of wisdom to end the interview on?
Do things the way you wanna do them and be motivated only by the dreams in your heart, nothing else.

You can download James’ Future Boy album by clicking here.