Frankie Sandford ripped off

Frankie Sandford ripped off by Big Issue sellerAs if flashing a nipple (again) wasn’t bad enough, Frankie Sandford got ripped off by a Big Issue seller last night.

After dinner at the Mayfair Hotel with McFly girlfriends Georgia Horsley and Giovanna Falcone, Frankie was approached by a Big Issue seller.

Being friendly, around camera’s and in the need of some good pubilicity, Frankie decided to do a good deed and buy a copy. She whipped out her purse, took out a fiver and handed it to the seller.

After she’d given him the money the Big Issue seller refused to give Frankie his final copy of the mag because it was his last one and he wanted to sell it again. He then also tried to claim the money she gave him was fake.

An onlooker said: “Frankie just laughed when he said that. She then walked away empty handed and let the cheeky beggar keep the money.”

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