Stephanie Pratt: “The Hills is real.”

41735, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Friday June 18 2010. The Hills girls Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth head to the shops on LA's Robertson Blvd for some retail therapy! Photograph:  Josephine Santos,

If you were wondering just how much of what happens on MTV’s reality show ‘The Hills’ is real, here’s the answer. Stephanie Pratt opens up about what’s real and what’s not.

She says: “Anything that involves my brother and I, or Holly and Heidi Montag’s relationship, is real. I haven’t talked to my brother since late September, nor have I seen him. He’s completely cut me out of his life. But he’s my big brother and I love him. I feel like we have the same dynamic as any brother and sister. We get along, we fight, we don’t talk — it’s just crazier because we’re on TV. So it’s more dramatic. I think this show has given her (Heidi red.) this role as a victim and she really doesn’t know what other role to play. They are in this together. Everything that one of them is doing, the other one knows about. They are always on the same page. They work together and think together.”

Yet, not all of what you see is completely real… Stephanie admits that some parts of the show are a little less than real, mentioning that big fight she had with Kristin in the new series, saying: “You know, that really wasn’t Kristin. She was told to say it. To tell a story on the show, for someone to take the blame, that’s kind of what we signed up for. We’d be filming a scene and she’d be like, “I’m sorry.” And I’d say, “Whatever, let’s just do this scene and go get coffee.” I was never mad at Kristin. I knew all along what was happening. We really did want to tell that story because it was out in the tabloid press and we’d promised to make this the most real season ever. It’s okay. Worse things have happened.”