Perez Hilton says Jessica Simpson is better choice

HOLLYWOOD - JULY 13: Perez Hilton attends MTV's 'The Hills' Live: A Hollywood Ending Finale at The Roosevelt Hotel on July 13, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Perez Hilton says Jessica Simpson, not Jennifer Lopez, should get the ‘American Idol’ judge gig as he calls Jessica ‘insightful and funny’.

“So, the question is not who’s gonna replace Simon Cowell, the question now is who’s gonna replace Ellen DeGeneres?” Perez Hilton said to MTV News. “‘American idol’ is in quite a predicament.”

Rumors have been swirling that Jennifer Lopez might join the judges’ table for the show’s 10th season, but Perez is making the case for another candidate.

“At least Jessica Simpson could have been insightful and funny,” he explained. “I love J-Lo, but she’s a diva. There’s nothing warm about her, where I think Jessica could bring warmth and insight and humor.”

“Jessica’s still been very visible and Jennifer has tried to be visible but she’s kind of been away for a while,” he argued.

“Simpson has been around for a long time and has that experience, plus America loves to watch her on television. Does America love watching Jennifer Lopez on TV? I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

Of course, if Idol judges came calling to Perez himself, he wouldn’t turn down the gig.

“Obviously I think I’d be great in that role,” he said. “Plus, if they hire Jessica Simpson too, there’d definitely be lots of fireworks between us! She’d be my Paula!”