Robert Pattinson – getting bored of Twilight?

After a long day on location filming Water for Elephants actor Robert Pattinson, accompanied by girlfriend Kristen Stewart, makes a special trip out to Hollywood to see one of Robert's very best friends from London, musician Sam Bradley, perform live at Hotel Cafe ! Fame Pictures, IncRobert Pattinson has revealed that he is getting a little bored of Twilight.

“It can get a little boring,” he said in an interview with Scotsman. “The good news is that the whole thing is done in seven months.”

The filming of Twilight Breaking Dawn may wrap up this year, however with the film being released in two┬áinstalment┬áRob may be signed up for a while longer – way into 2012!

Robert, 24, also spoke about dealing with fame and revealed that co-star Kristen Stewart is much better at dealing with the paparazzi.

“Kris is better about dealing with photographers than I am,”

“I’ve learned to let it go a bit, but I’m still really bothered by it,” he explained.

“The more you are exposed, the more people irrationally hate you. I think we reached a point, a peak, with New Moon where the stories became so saturated into the culture that it started to feel normal. It’s like the tabloids don’t know what to write anymore because they’ve used up all their scandals.”