Dominic Monaghan thinks kissing Megan Fox is ‘all right’

11 March 2010 - Beverly Hills,California - Dominic Monaghan. 27th Annual Paley Fest - FlashForward held at the Saban Theatre. Photo Credit: T. Conrad/AdMediaLost actor Dominic Monaghan got to kiss Megan Fox in Eminem and Rihanna’s new video for Love The Way You Lie, and described the experience as ‘all right’.

Dominic told MTV: “What is it like kissing Megan Fox? It’s all right,”.

He quickly added: “No, I’m just kidding. It’s fine, it’s work. She’s married. I have a lot of respect for marriage,”

“I said, ‘Look, I know that you’re married and I don’t want to do anything inappropriate.’ And she said, ‘It’s all kind of inappropriate, huh?’”

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