Ian Somerhalder – Sexiest Male Celebrity 2010

12. Jon Bon Jovi

BON JOVI.Performed 5,000 Fans on-Site at the New Meadowlands.Stadium NJ Parking lot as the group will be the opening concert.of New Meadowland Stadium in may 2010 10-22-09.JON BON JOVI.Photos by - PHOTOS INC©2009.K63676JBB. © Red Carpet Pictures

At 48 years of age Jon Bon Jovi is the oldest on our list, but you know what they say, some things just get better with age. Looking back, we weren’t crazy about Jon’s 80s look, but now (he looks less like a woman) we like him much more.
His old tunes are classics and his new tunes are just as catchy – the man can do no wrong in our eyes. We also love him as an actor – in particular his role as Rich Walker in Cry Wolf back in 2005. If he was our teacher, we’d totally have an affair with him too (you probably need to watch the film to get that.)