Ian Somerhalder – Sexiest Male Celebrity 2010

4. Bradley Cooper

Photo by: RE/Westcom/starmaxinc.com 2010  6/5/10 Bradley Cooper at Spike TV''s Guys Choice Awards. (Los Angeles, CA) Photo via Newscom

Bradley Cooper, 35, is our number four. Bradley’s first TV/film role was actually in Flecking favourite Sex and the City, playing Jake – something that put him in our good books straight away, before going on to have huge movie success.
Despite being a bit of a bastard, we loved him as Sack Lodge in Wedding Crashers (we wouldn’t have chosen Owen Wilson – no offence Owen) and adored him as Matthew McConaughey’s funny friend in Failure to Launch. Our favourite role has to be Phil in The Hangover. Not only was this one of the best films to come out of 2009, but Bradley certainly made the screen very nice to look at.