Amanda Seyfried doesn’t listen to her mum

Amanda Seyfried doesn’t always listen to her mum.

The actress says that her mum doesn’t like it when she takes on roles that involve nudity, but Amanda doesn’t take much notice.

“As for my mother, it doesn’t really matter what she says. Mom doesn’t like it when I take roles with nudity,” Amanda said.

“She has tried to put me off a few roles because of the nudity, so as you can probably tell, I didn’t really listen.”

Amanda recently revealed that she felt extremely ugly growing up.

“I was super-outgoing until I was around 10. I got a bit older and started getting shy. Way too shy,” she said.

“I felt so extremely ugly. When I look back, I was not ugly — I was cute and had a gap in my teeth. But I wish I could have enjoyed that part of my life and be more confident.”