Is Angelina Jolie planning plastic surgery?

A report has claimed that Angelina Jolie is planning on having plastic surgery.

According to the National Enquirer Angelina was humiliated when a survey revealed women prefer the looks of more youthful actresses, and now wants a major makeover.

“Angelina is freaked out. She’s convinced that she’s losing her looks, and she will take drastic measures ASAP,” a source said.

“It is as if Angie’s made this surgery her number one priority and views it practically as a full-fledged emergency. She knows exactly what she wants done and despite the fact that there will be excruciating pain, she’s plowing ahead.

“She wants a mini face-lift that includes a neck-lift to reduce her saggy jowls.”

“She also wants to smooth out the creases in her neck, and she intends to get fat grafts to fill in age lines and plump up her face. To finish off her makeover, Angie wants upper eyelid surgery to lift her droopy eyelids.”

“Angie wants to smooth out a bump on her nose and make it look more refined. She’s always complained her nose is too large.”

“Angelina can’t stand the thought of losing her standing as Hollywood’s greatest beauty.”

“She’s convinced her career will start to slide and the only answer is a drastic facial makeover.”

“Despite the risks and Brad’s worry, Angelina is forging ahead with the secret surgical makeover.”

“She’s determined to hold on to her youthful looks — at ANY cost.”