Is Christina Aguilera worrying her friends?

Christina Aguilera is apparently shocking her friends with her behaviour.

“She’s not being honest with herself,” an insider told People magazine.

“She’s saying she’s this strong independent woman and she’s fine, but what she’s not stepping back to realize is that moving on after a divorce is not easy.”

“She thinks she’s gotten her life together and has already moved on when maybe she still needs to process it some more.”

Some friends are worried about Aguilera’s new fella Matthew Rutler.

“There’s a real concern about this guy, and a lot of her friends feel she needs to get away from him,” said the source.

“Hopefully, what happened [on Tuesday] is a real wake up call.”

“She is going out more and drinking more.”

“She feels she is embracing her freedom and enjoying life … but now friends are hoping that she takes a step back and focuses on herself for a while.”

“There are people in her life who feel she’s catching some bad breaks and are confident she’ll come ahead strong.”

“A lot of her friends don’t feel there’s a huge problem to worry about.”