Olly Murs Interview

Olly Murs - Party in the Park, Leeds
Not only is he the nicest guy in showbiz, he is a Jack of all trades – and a master of them all.

Not content with being one of the best male singers around at the moment, Olly Murs is now trying his hand at presenting X Factor spin-off show the Xtra Factor.

We met Olly backstage at Party In The Park and chatted about his new album, his new single with Rizzle Kicks and the rumours about a duet with Robbie Williams.

Have you started work on your new album yet?
Yes. I’m a couple of songs away from finishing it and it will be out in November. It’s gonna be a really cool sort of old school soul vibe, it’s gonna be good.

Have you collaborated with anyone cool?
Apart from the Rizzle Kicks, no. Just with Rizzle Kicks on the new single (Heart Skips A Beat).

So no big duets?
No big duets, no.

No Robbie Williams duets?
No, I wish!

How’s the Xtra Factor presenting going?
It’s going very well. It’s very enjoyable. Long days, tiring, but I’m really really enjoying it and it’s going well.

What do you think of the new judges?
Love it! I love the judges, I think it’s gonna be a great year. I think people are gonna be surprised by just how good it is. It’s a good mix.