Super chilled Jason Derulo infused with Vanilla scents

“Super chilled” Jason Derulo is a man of simple tastes, but that doesn’t stop him requesting his dressing room be infused with scents of vanilla!!

The star said: “The only things I need on my rider are t-shirts, vests, fruit, veg, and vanilla-scented candles.

I’m so simple! I’m super chilled, laid-back and can laugh at myself. I’m all about enjoying life to the full and living in the moment.”

Jason is also the latest star to admit he was a target for bullies when he was younger because of his interest in performing, but he refused to give in to his tormentors.

Talking to Top of the Pops magazine he said: “I was prone to taunts when I was younger because I was into singing. But I’m a pretty big guy and when that stuff happened to me, I didn’t back down – I got into fights all the time.

“If you’re being bullied, you do have to put a stop to it straight away because if you do back down, it’s them winning and they’ll do it more. Stand up to it and it’ll go away because bullies don’t want to fight, they just want to show off.