CBB! Day 8: Parties, kisses & nipples

Day 8 in the Celebrity Big Brother House…

Last night Denise snapped at Michael and this morning he relays the incident to Gareth telling him “I can’t take Denise anymore, she was all up in my face”.
Meanwhile, in the Diary Room Denise tells Big Brother “I called him a dick, but he is a dick sometimes – a loveable dick”

The Housemates are writing out their shopping list in the living area. Kristina and Karissa are on the garden sofas when The Cheeky Cherubs speak to them setting them a secret mission. Their first task is to plant Michael’s hat in Denise’s bed and then throw Frankie’s clothes in the pool.

Upon seeing his belongings in the pool, Frankie says “That’s not even funny, my coat’s in there” Kristina and Karissa come out acting oblivious and asking what has happened. An annoyed Frankie says “Don’t even ask me what happened, coz I’m gonna bite real hard in a minute”.

Kristina and Karissa are told they have successfully passed the task, to which they say “We have just started world war three!”

Housemates are rewarded with a special party for the success of Kristina and Karissa’s task. They play spin the bottle where Denise and Frankie have a quick peck, Kirk tries again and again to kiss Georgia and Denise goads her by saying “go on you don’t have a boyfriend.” Georgia and Frankie also have a quick kiss.
Nicola comments to Natasha “Do you want to get back with your husband?”

The Housemates spend the evening dancing, and drinking.
Michael and Denise are on the garden sofas, talking about the planting of his hat into Denise’s bed. Michael says he saw right through the hat trick, and assumed it a set up because they had argued the evening before.

Kirk is in bed with Natasha. They are cuddling and laughing and Kirk says to the camera “She’s fit and she’s on it.” Natasha’s nipple becomes exposed and once they both realise Kirk helps her conceal it with his hands.

Nicola and Natalie are smoking in the garden. Of Natasha, Natalie says “you’d think she would learn, that girl” Nicola says “I said to her, do you not wanna get your husband back? And she said ‘Oh don’t say that to me now’… I said to her I am just trying to help you as a friend”

Natasha is in the hot tub. Kirk is in the bedroom lying in bed with Georgia. He says “I sleep with my mum like this Georgia, up your game” to which she replies “F**k off.” After some giggling and fidgeting Kirk says “I cant, I can’t” kisses Georgia goodnight, and heads back to his own bed.