Gerard Butler can’t wash up…

Gerard Butler managed to get out of doing the washing up… because it might cause him to have flashbacks!

It’s nice to see the super-sexy actor has a sense of humour about his accident. If you didn’t know, Gerard was thrown from a surfboard in December, and battered by 12 ft waves while filming Of Men and Mavericks.

So when he went home to Scotland for Christmas, he wasn’t going to be washing any dishes.

“I play it like that, but I don’t really get away with it… Although I do feel that this year I was a little bit lazy,” the 42-year-old said.

“There were a couple of times when I saw people in the kitchen and I thought I could be doing a little bit more. ‘Do you know what I’ve just been through? You’re lucky I’m here. And you’re going to ask me… it’s washing up! It’s water! I can’t even see the water, any kind of foam – it’s too much, what if I fall in?’ ”