Lea Michele gets excited about Glee plans

Lea Michele says we can expect something “revolutionary” from the next season of Glee.

The actress, who plays Rachel Berry in the hit show, says show creator Ryan Murphy has some great ideas for season four.

“I’m so excited. I spoke with Ryan today,” she said. “We had a great conversation. He told me his plan and I will tell you it’s incredibly groundbreaking and it’s revolutionary for television, the way he’s figured out how to use these graduated high school characters on this TV show.”

Lea also spoke about how she felt when she found out she would be staying in the show for another season.

“I was like, ‘Ryan, I feel like I could cry!’ I always knew in the back of my mind, like, listen, I’m coming back whether they want it or no. I’m going to be a janitor in the background,” she said.

“I’m thankful every single day. This is the best job in the whole world. Ryan is the greatest creator and I adore him. My cast is my family. I’m so happy.”