Oh no he didn’t! Marc Cherry disses Sex And The City

Marc Cherry, creator of Desperate Housewives, has dissed Sex And The City.

When asked if he would make a Desperate Housewives movie once the show comes to an end, Marc made an obvious dig at Flecking favourite SATC.

“I’m never sending these gals to Dubai. That’s all I’m saying,” he said, referring to the second SATC movie.

“Sex and the City only did, I think, a total of something like 69 episodes. So I always thought that the advantage for them was that they had they hadn’t really plumbed the depths of those characters.”

Michael Patrick King, creator of Sex And The City, has since hit back.

“I don’t think [Cherry has] ever made a feature film, so I don’t know if he knows what that entails, but the reality is my second movie made almost half a billion dollars,” he said.

Michael also added that he has since moved on, with hit comedy 2 Broke Girls.