Ed Sheeran is going to pose naked

Ed Sheeran is going to get his kit off for a good cause.

The singer says the he has lost three stone and he’s ready to pose naked for the Elton John Foundation.

“Elton walked in and said: ‘Where’s Ed Sheeran?’ I was like: ‘F***ing hell – he knows my name!” Ed told Now.

“It’s surreal, growing up listening to his music and now he’s singing my praises, ringing me up and helping my career.”

“I was 14st and now I’m 11st. I was a bit flabby, to be fair, but I’ve stopped drinking.

“I went to a place called Da Ivo, in Venice, Italy. Elton John called me and said: ‘I’ve booked you the best table in Venice and you need to go there.’

“When I wanted my steak well done and ordered orange juice, they looked at me as if I was mental.”