Top 10 Fringe Moments (so far)

Our Top 10 Fringe Moments… so far

5. Olivia Crosses Over
Season 1, Episode 20 ‘There’s More Than One of Everything’

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 In the pilot episode Olivia wants to interrogate William Bell, head of billion-dollar corporation, Massive Dynamic. It is revealed later that he is in a parallel universe, so it seems unlikely that the meeting between them will occur. After the climatic events of the season finale, Nina Sharp, Bell’s right hand lady (who, coincidently, has no right hand), offers Olivia the next best thing – a meeting with herself. However, whilst on her way, Bell rips Olivia out of her universe.
Looking back, it is difficult to understand just how crucial this moment is. The concept of a parallel universe in Fringe is, at this point, only two episodes old and this is the first crossing we ever witness.
When Olivia leaves the magic lift she is greeted by a woman, very recognisable as an employee of Massive Dynamic, who leads her to an office where she is soon joined by a mysterious man.
“Where is she? Who is he?” asks the audience. “Where am I? Who are you?” asks Olivia. The man reveals himself to be the one and only William Bell (portrayed brilliantly by Leonard Nimoy).
So that’s it? That’s the final shock of the season? Nope, there’s one more, Olivia is in the completely intact Twin Towers. Unbelievable.

 4. Peter Returns
Season 4, Episode 4 ‘Subject 9’

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Four episodes into the (almost) completely Peterless season four, many fans were excited for his inevitable return. It seemed to be fast approaching with the realisation at the end of the last episode that both Walter and Olivia have been imagining Peter, but it was still a shock when the Cortexiphan-soaked episode saw his emergence into the adjusted timeline.
The episode sees Olivia haunted by a floating blue stalker. Walter believes another victim of the Cortexiphan drug trials, Cameron James, to be responsible. He isn’t, but Walter decides he might be able to help. The plan is for Cameron to use his telekinetic powers to guide the energy ball into a power grid and destroy it, however, Olivia realises the blob is in fact the mystery man from her dreams and calls Cameron off.
Meanwhile at Reiden Lake, Peter bursts up through the water. I cannot think of a more perfect way to have him return. Reiden Lake is such an important location in Fringe. It is the place where Walter ripped a hole in the universes and where Peter died in this new timeline, after all.

3. The Switch
Season 2, Episode 22 ‘Over There, Part 2’

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 In the season two finale, Peter is convinced to return to our universe from over there after he realises it is Walternate’s plan to use him as a weapon and Olivia professes her love for him. With a little help (RIP Belly), Olivia, Walter and Peter return home.
Happily ever after, right? Unfortunately, no. It is revealed that our Olivia’s doppelganger, dubbed Fauxlivia, has infiltrated our universe, while Olivia is imprisoned by Walternate.
Normally when we see Olivia she is strong and defiant. This scene is probably the most fragile we have see her, and Anna Torv plays it brilliantly.
John Noble is great as well –  the way he looks over her, without saying a word, and shows no reaction to her pleas is terrifying. A complete contrast with the kind and lovable Walter Bishop on our side.