Top 10 Fringe Moments (so far)

Our Top 10 Fringe Moments… so far

2. Peter Dies
Season 2, Episode 15 ‘Peter’

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It’s very rare to find a child actor who can convincingly act out emotional scenes, but 11-year-old Quinn Lord gives a terrific performance as the younger versions of the two Peters. He shines brightest as the ill-fated Peter from our universe during his final moments. He manages to play sick without overplaying it (particularly with the voice) and has a brilliant chemistry with John Noble. Also, he perfectly delivers the heart wrenching line, “I’m not scared.”.
And of course, John Noble, who is somehow snubbed at the Emmys each and every year, needs to be mentioned. Perhaps the most poignant moment of the scene is Walter’s face as he realises his son is dead. Suddenly, everything he did afterwards, regardless of the earth-shattering consequences, is completely justified.

1. Peter and the Machine
Season 3, Episode 21 ‘The Last Sam Weiss’

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 After an entire season of anticipation, Peter finally gets in the machine. The severity of what is about to happen creates a huge amount of tension. The epic score and quick fire flashbacks only adds weight to the already emotionally-heavy scene. The audience have already seen the drawings and heard the warnings, yet seeing the events play out on screen is still immensely shocking.
The teary-eyed exchange Peter has with Olivia and the glances he shares with Walter alone are enough to make even the least emotional of fans well up.
And to top it all off, we are faced with a finale-worthy twist – Peter is in the future. The future!
It’s a fitting end to the penultimate episode that prepares the audience for the awesome finale that follows.