Top 10 Fringe Moments (so far)

Our Top 10 Fringe Moments… so far

Top 10 Fringe Moments (so far)

Now that we’re well into season four of hit sci-fi show Fringe, we thought we’d look back at our top 10 favourite moments so far.

Please note, this article is intended for fans of the show who are up to date. This article contains huge spoilers – you have been warned.

10. Peter Calls Walter “Dad”
Season 2, Episode 18 ‘The Man From The Other Side’

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Fringe is a science fiction show, true. But also true is that the foundation of the show is the relationships between the characters. And I’m not just talking about romantic relationships. In fact, perhaps the most important relationship in Fringe is the bond between Walter and Peter.
Each scene featuring the duo is a delight to watch, particularly because John Noble and Joshua Jackson have amazing chemistry (they can often be seen messing around on set).
At the start the show, their relationship seems pretty simple; Walter is Peter’s father who hasn’t seen his son since he was institutionalised 17 years ago. However, as we discover in the season one finale (in another epic scene that just fell short of making the list), this isn’t the case. In reality, Walter’s son died, so he crossed over into the parallel universe and stole a boy that wasn’t his, than raised him as his own. But at this point, Peter doesn’t know.
Finally, after two seasons of calling him “Walter”, Peter calls Walter “Dad”. It shows just how far their relationship has come since the pilot. Previously nomadic Peter seems to have finally settled into this strange family unit. Unfortunately, this moment is bittersweet because in the very same episode Peter learns the truth, and their relationship is ripped to shreds.

9. Newton Dies
Season 3, Episode 4 ‘Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?’

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One of the (many) things that makes Fringe one of the best shows on TV are the villains. From David Robert Jones to Walternate, each has their own set of motivations that makes their ‘evil’ actions seem understandable. But perhaps the greatest enemy of them all is Thomas Jerome Newton, the leader of the shapeshifters. And because Newton is so awesome, I have one very good reason to hate this scene. But I don’t, I love it.
The scene sees Newton taunting Fauxlivia because he doesn’t believe she has what it takes to fully infiltrate the Fringe team (by letting Peter infiltrate her). The FBI have caught Newton and will soon extract his memory disk for information, so he ingests a mysterious chip to destroy them, and in the process, destroy himself. While Newton begins to choke and collapses to the floor, Fauxlivia tricks Peter with her carnal manipulations and he falls right into her vagenda¬†(Walter’s words, not mine.).
As Newton dies, and the epic score peaks, he smiles because he knows he has got to Fauxlivia.
Oh, and the scene gets bonus points for Fauxlivia’s brilliant “I can befriend a vacuum cleaner.”