Dion Roy to tour Europe with Tyler Hilton (& a little help from his friends)

NYC Singer/songwriter Dion Roy is currently in the midst of a multi-city U.S./Canada tour with fellow artist, Tyler Hilton but he’s hoping to come to UK shores!

As we revealed in our recent Tyler Hilton interview, the singer/songwriter is returning to the UK in October for his very own headline tour and he’s invited his tour buddy Dion Roy along for the ride.

For the past few months Tyler and Dion have been on a multi-city U.S./Canada tour together. So, it makes perfect sense that Tyler would chat to his buddy about all things British. The good news is Dion still wants to come over (We’re not sure if he’s come to terms with what a ‘guff’ is yet but he’s already told us he intends to steer clear of ‘Irish Pudding’!).

Sadly, all those Nandos the pair are secretly planning along with flights, buses and trains it’s not going to be a cheap trip. But he has a plan and it’s great news for any of you girlies (or guys) that have ever fantasised about having a private show, or dreamed of having a song written for you, and only you!!

In a statement on his official Facebook page Dion wrote : –

“Hey guys, I’m super excited that I was invited to join my buddy Tyler Hilton for a tour in Europe in October, but I am going to need your help to get my butt to London, and for travel in Europe.

Besides personalized CD’s I’m going to be doing private skype shows as a way to get my flight as well. ANY purchases over at http://dionroy.bigcartel.com/ will help me make this amazing dream real for me.

Next stop the United Kingdom?”

Dion has also promised us that once he’s successfully got his butt over here we can teach him LOTS of inappropriate ‘British Slang’!!

To find out more about Dion, listen to tracks from his new album ‘Into the day’ and for more details on ‘Operation get Dion to the UK’ pop over to dionroy.com or Twitter: @DionRoy