Revealed: Top Celebrity Housemates

A recent survey by Express Bi-Folding Doors has found that nearly one in four men would like to share their home with glamour model Kelly Brook and most women put Hollywood hunks George Clooney and Jonny Depp joint top of their preferred house mate list.

Advocating the fact women like a man who can make them laugh, comedian Michael McIntyre came joint second with David Beckham (14% each) – beating Brad Pitt by a large majority, who only came seventh in a list of ten.

Glamorous Helen Mirren (aged 66) shows that she’s still popular with the male population, beating sexy singers Beyonce and Rihanna to come fourth in the ‘top housemate’ list.

The independent survey, which asked the opinions of 500 homeowners across the UK, also found that:

· Women would most like to share their house with George Clooney (18%), Jonny Depp (18%), David Beckham (14%) and Michael McIntyre (14%)

· Women’s least popular house guests were Tom Cruise (only 1% of women would want to share their house with him) and Hollywood man-of-the-moment, Michael Fassender

· Men would prefer to share their home with sexy celebrities Kelly Brook (23%), Angelina Jolie (11%), Megan Fox (11%) and Halle Berry (9%)

· Men gave the lowest votes to singers Jennifer Lopex and Rihanna, who only received 4% of votes

Interested to know who our readers would love to shack up with, we asked around on Twitter. Names mentioned were McFly’s Danny Jones, Charlie Sheen, Adam Lambert and Sir Tom Jones.

Personally I’d love to live with Joshua Jackson, Penn Badgley, Josh Charles and/or Zac Efron… I wonder why?

Who would your ideal celebrity housemate be? Leave us a comment.