Big Brother: Day 60

Day 60 in the Big Brother house…

Housemates are waking up to the ninth eviction day. Luke A remarks, ‘It’s going to be a big day today!’ Deana adds, ‘I’m so nervous today!’ Becky quips, ‘Get me out this house!’
Luke A thinks that Luke S and Conor must be going insane in the White Room as there’s no stimulation.
For the past three days the duo has been confined to the White Room. Both have the one pass to the final in their sights. They are unaware that Big Brother has another twist in store for them. Luke S is on the phone to Big Brother. ‘I’m exhausted, sleeping patterns all over the place! It’s tedious.’ Conor announces, ‘I’m on top of the world!’ Luke S adds, ‘He’s lying.’

Conor and Luke S are speculating about today’s events. Luke S remarks, ‘If I didn’t make it to the final after being in this position that is what I would be gutted about.’ Conor replies, ‘Me to, devastated…If I do get a pass to the final I may not win the show, it’s just getting to the final.’
Luke S adds, ‘If I do let you get this then that will put a massive smile on my face.’ The Irish man declares, ‘I know for a fact, you, me and Ashleigh are best mates in here!’
In the bedroom, Deana is trying to have a deep and meaningful conversation with Adam. ‘What is the meaning of life? There is religion, has religion just come out of nowhere or is there a base to it? Tell me the facts Adam! Are we judged and go to hell? Tell me! I’m just saying what’s on my mind.’
Adam smiles, ‘Oh my god!’ Becky laughs. The beauty queen reacts, ‘Is that funny Becky?’ She replies yes.
Adam says her tone of voice is changing and can sound patronising. Deana remarks, ‘I’m happy with the tone of my voice! I may need to work on my patronising voice.’ Becky agrees. Deana asks her, ‘Is there anything you need to work on Becky darling?’ Becky quips, ‘Nothing sweetheart!’ Deana sarcastically replies, ‘Yes you are absolutely perfect! Your acting is great, personality brilliant; just carry on the way you are!’
Becky snaps, ‘I don’t want to change anything about myself thanks.’ Deana adds, ‘Great! Good for you. Absolutely great, so happy for you!’
Becky remarks, ‘Princess Deana!’ She leaves the bedroom singing. Deana calls, ‘Actress actress! Start singing now!’
In the smoking area, the Blackburn lass moans, ‘She’s such a d*ck. Horrible girl.’ She explains what just happened to Ashleigh. The Essex girl advises, ‘Just tell her to f**k off like I do!’

Conor is braving the White Room’s shower.
Deana has a thought she wants to share. ‘Soldiers, the troops may have to go their separate ways today. If I leave today I want you to carry on being united and strong.’ Adam confirms, ‘If you’re leaving today, the soldiers thing is going as well just so you know.’ The beauty queen quips, ‘No way?! I’m just starting to think I’m a one man soldier.’ Adam adds, ‘But along the way you have made some friends.’ Deana says, ‘Hope so soldiers.’

It’s been two hours since Ashleigh’s eviction outfit dilemma. Adam asks her if someone has given her a hug, she tells him no. ‘Come here, everyone loves you and appreciates you.’ She quips, ‘Ah thank you! 100% I know I’m going, I have nothing to wear.’
Conor is talking to Luke S about the final. ‘If I won the show I wouldn’t give a flying f**k about the money. Yes the money would change my life for the better; I’m here to try and reach the final.’ Luke S asks, ‘Are you convinced you will be up?’ The Irish man replies, ‘Yes, 100%. There are four people who will vote for me over you any day. I’ll be up to until the final. I know it won’t be as you have them on your side. Only friends I have in here are you and Ash.’ Luke S takes this onboard.

It’s time for Becky, Luke A, Deana and Ashleigh to get ready for tonight’s eviction. They start to pack.
Becky admits, ‘I’m feeling extremely nervous…I can’t be arsed with the boos, I’ll just have to embrace them!’ Luke A thinks, ‘If I go tonight it’s still a good thing, and if I stay it will be amazing.’ Ashleigh tells Big Brother, ‘I would love to stay…but it is what it is.’
Deana confesses, ‘I’m always nervous, on eviction night my heart beats really fast!’
The housemates are gathered on the sofas; Brian Dowling talks to the house and reveals that Becky is the ninth housemate to be evicted. She jumps up and shouts yes!
Some of the housemates speak about Becky. Sara tells Big Brother that Becky was one of her close friends and will miss her. Ashleigh announces, ‘She made me laugh so much, stunned!’ Scott smiles, ‘I’ve had my head wedged between her bosoms more times than I’d care to think, so obviously going to miss her.’ Adam adds, ‘I’ll miss her laughter and smiles she brings to house.’
Becky declares, ‘It’s been fun, exhausting, fabulous, excellent and just a little whirlwind! Will never forget it. Sh*t hot experience!’ The housemates all hug Becky and wave her off. The remaining housemates go in for a group hug.

Luke S and Conor are unaware that Becky was the ninth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Luke S tells his friend, ‘It would be so good if the people we want to go would go.’ Conor grins, ‘Would be hilarious if one of them were to go…Soldier down! That would be hilarious.’
The main house is reeling following Becky’s departure. Sara praises the saved housemates, ‘Well done guys.’ Luke A and Ashleigh both think they will be up again next week. The ‘soldiers’ hug.
Luke A announces, ‘It will be so strange without her.’ All agree. Scott adds, ‘I spent half my time with her! It was good for Becs, she wanted to go.’

In the White Room, Luke S says, ‘Do whatever is in your heart Conor.’ He replies, ‘You do whatever is in your f**king heart!’ The pair starts to pace up and down. Big Brother announces that they must stay silent and stand behind their podiums and buzzers. Conor quips, ‘I’m going to cry! Luke S agrees.
The rest of the housemates are watching the duo on the screen in the living area and shriek when they see them.
Conor and Luke S have been in the White Room for 79 hours. Big Brother tells them, ‘One of you will receive a pass to the final but there is still one crucial decision to be made. A screen is displayed in front of you with a counter that currently displays zero pounds. Soon the amount of money shown on the counter will begin to increase for one minute, at any point either one of you may press their button and stop the counter.
That housemate will receive the amount of money shown on the screen, the money will be taken from the prize fund, and the housemate must leave the house immediately. Whoever remains in the White Room will receive a pass to the final.’ The counter begins to increase and the boys are in shock.
Conor asks Luke S, ‘Are you going to do it? Do it at 40!’ Luke S quips, ‘I need to do it!’ Conor replies, ‘What about Ashleigh?’
Ashleigh shouts from the sofas, ‘Don’t take it Luke!’ All the housemates watch on in amazement.
The counter reached £50,000 and just as Luke S hits the button, Conor nips in before him and hits his buzzer. The boys look at each other and Big Brother announces that Conor has won the money and Luke S wins a pass to the final. A stunned Luke S starts to cry, Conor hugs him. Luke S questions, ‘You wanted to go to the final?’ A smug Conor replies, ‘This is for me and the Mrs!’ Luke S moans, ‘I can’t believe you did that to me. I can’t believe you did that.’ Conor tells him not to worry.
Scott remarks, ‘Luke’s upset, he wanted that!’
An ecstatic Conor collects his suitcase of money, and is asked to leave the house. He leaves a distraught Luke S in the White Room. Luke S shouts, ‘Get me out of this f**king room!’
Conor walks through the main house with his money, and is hugged and congratulated by the housemates. An angry Luke S shrieks, ‘Lying b*stard! He lied to me! Lied to me!’

It’s been 13 minutes since Conor left the Big Brother house, 50 thousand pounds richer. Luke S returns to the main house, he states, ‘It’s a cruel cruel world!’ Luke A shouts, ‘Ashleigh your man!’ The Essex girl rushes to hug a frustrated Luke S. Adam smirks as Luke S enters the house, the Stoke boy snaps, ‘What the f**k are you laughing at?’ Adam defends himself, ‘What do you mean what that f**k I’m laughing at?’
Scott tells Luke S that Becky has gone. Luke S announces, ‘Conor is such a liar!’ Scott adds, ‘I thought the agreement was that you were going to press?’
Luke S replies, ‘One of us had to press it. He’s been telling me to press it for the past two days as he doesn’t want his family to come over!’ Deana remarks, ‘I would be crying right now.’ He continues, ‘Conor wanted the final, I wanted to experience for what it is…he was telling me to press it. I’ve said all along I wanted to get to the final. I’m annoyed he contradicted himself.’ Deana adds, ‘It’s not very nice. He led Luke to believe he was going to press it.’ All agree.

A betrayed Luke S says, ‘I’ve never had 50 grand so I’m still in the same position.’

In the smoking area, Sara asks a quiet Adam if he is OK. He says, ‘It’s just the way he came in…he was asking me what the f**k I was smiling about.’
Scott replies, ‘He was very confrontational. At the end, it’s a competition and people are going to look after themselves. We just saw that.’
Sara thinks, ‘50 grand will change Conor’s life.’
Fresh from 81 hours in the White Room, Luke S comes to talk to Big Brother. ‘I’m exhausted…excited I’m in the final but a bit upset. I’m sure it will change his life. I don’t know how to feel. It’s not nice to walk in and Adam’s got a smirk on his face. He’s p*ssed off I’ve got to the final! I’ve said from day one I wanted to get to the final. If I don’t win I will be remembered as the guy who could have won 50 grand.’ He continues, ‘I’m drained from the White Room, a sickening feeling. They (housemates) can be frustrated at me as I’m in the final…I’ve still got Ashleigh…I don’t know, I don’t know. Why am I crying?’
Scott thinks, ‘I don’t I would have pressed it.’ Deana remarks about Conor, ‘Good luck to him; he did well in the end.’ Adam agrees.

Sara, Scott and Deana are still in shock over the night’s events. Scott admits, ‘I think Luke will make it in life.’ Sara adds, ‘He hasn’t lost anything…I wouldn’t press the button.’ Deana thinks the way Conor did it wasn’t very nice and he cares about only himself.
In the bedroom, Ashleigh tries to comfort Luke S. ‘I thought you was going to take it…I haven’t seen you in ages…should have just taken!’ Luke S replies, ‘I don’t want to talk about it. I feel played.’
The Essex girl continues, ‘I wouldn’t have pressed it.’ The Stoke boy asks, ‘Did he get cheers or boos?’ She confirms, ‘Both, more cheers.’ He adds, ‘I’m exhausted! I think I’m too nice sometimes. I’ve never had 50 grand. If I win it this way now it will make it extra special.’ The both say they came into Big Brother for the experience not the money. Luke S concludes, ‘It’s weird when it’s in front of you. I hope he spends it wisely!’

Deana is being philosophical. ‘Luke I’m feeling your pain! Just cry, I’m going to call you a robot again! You need to cry!’ Luke S tells her that it’s an indescribable feeling. She adds, ‘You have every right to be upset!’ Adam remarks, ‘Conor leaves the house in the best position than anybody else.’ The beauty queen quips, ‘I always told you he was a weird one!’
Luke S concludes, ‘I hope he spends it wisely.’
Scott is in the diary room. ‘I didn’t think Conor would take the money. That’s naughty. I don’t think he did the right thing, it wasn’t very honourable.’

The saved housemates are unpacking their suitcases. With Conor’s surprised departure they must also pack his case. Sara asks Luke S how it felt. He replies, ‘I felt sick as soon as they said 50 grand. Indescribable feeling.’
The model says, ‘If I was going to push it I would have pushed it at 50.’
Adam adds, ‘How much is life changing? Anything over 10 would be life changing for me.’ She replies, ‘I think winning isn’t about money, it’s about wining Big Brother.’ He adds, ‘Yeah, with a reward to.’
Luke S remarks, ‘Technically we were friends, he just said it doesn’t matter, it was going to change his life.’
Ashleigh is in the diary room talking to Big Brother. ‘Amazing to be saved! I thought it would be me out those doors. I can’t believe Becky has gone.’
Luke S delivers Conor’s suitcase to the store cupboard. Luke A suggests to him to put some chocolate in the suitcase. ‘Yes, that’s finny, he likes whole nut! I don’t think he will be able to afford a bar of chocolate.’ Adam and Luke A laugh.

In garden, Adam remarks, ‘This is open now, no stopping anyone.’ Luke A nods, ‘Interesting to see people start turning on people.’
Deana is in the diary room. ‘Conor has always stated that he’s openly cared about himself and here to win. I thought they would both try and take the money. In the end Conor f**ked him over, I’m not surprised at all, quite entertaining to watch!’ She laughs.
In the living area, reality is sinking in. Luke S declares, ‘I’m mentally and physically drained!’ Scott tells, ‘I’d hate it in the White Room. Sara says it was horrible. Luke S adds, ‘The soldiers have survived!’
The conversation changes to Deana and Becky’s spat that took place earlier. Ashleigh proceeds to tell him what happened. Deana appears from the diary room and the room goes silent.

Sara asks Deana what Big Brother asked her in the diary room. She quips, ‘How do I feel about my best friend taking 50k!’ Luke S asks, ‘What did you say?’ She grins, ‘If he still remains your best friend, that’s the question!’ He replies, ‘He has to pay for my flight to Derry if he wants me to see me!’

3.01 am
All the housemates are asleep, all except Luke S who is wondering around the house and garden, dressed his White Room jacket. He mutters to himself, ‘What am I going to do…’