Celebrity Eyewear & Fashion

Photo: James Genchi/Flecking Records

Celebrity fashion is something that literally millions of people across the world pay attention to and try to emulate. Think about how often you see your favourite celebrities in advertisements and in public display. Star celebrities are constantly visible, whether it’s on magazine covers, on billboards, in films, or on television, and because of their popularity and general attentiveness to style, they can often set fashion trends that spread far and wide. So what are some of the most noteworthy trends that you can notice and keep an eye on? For one thing, it seems to be more and more popular to see big time celebrities wearing eyeglasses and sunglasses out in public.

It’s not that glasses have never been popular before, or that they have ever been unfashionable. In fact, tasteful designer glasses have always been able to add a lot to carefully constructed styles. However, it simply seems that celebrities in such designer glasses are a bit more public these days. From musical stars like Kid Cudi and Justin Bieber wearing glasses on stage, to NBA athletes adopting the trend in post-game interviews, to each and every celebrity seen on the beach sporting oversized sunglasses this summer, eyewear has very clearly become a major element of fashion. So how can you join in the trend?

The first step toward enabling yourself to enjoy eyewear fashion is to switch to contact lenses if you currently rely on glasses for your vision. This may seem a bit counterintuitive at first – after all, you need your glasses to see, and you can combine eyesight with fashion. However, contacts still allow you both of these luxuries. To begin with, ACUVUE® contact lenses come in enough varieties and types that you are almost certain to find something comfortable and easy to wear, which means there’s really no need to rely on glasses to see well. More importantly, however, your switch to contacts actually makes you even more able to enjoy fashionable eyewear trends.

Photo: James Genchi/Flecking Records

The fact is, a huge number of celebrities you see wearing fashionable eyeglasses are wearing clear lenses without prescriptions. The frames are simply meant to compliment style. Similarly, most celebrities you see wearing nice sunglasses aren’t wearing them over pairs of eyeglasses, as this is simply cumbersome and difficult to do. However, wearing contact lenses for corrective vision simply allows you the physical freedom and flexibility to enjoy various pairs of sunglasses and eyeglasses, and allows you to fully focus on fashion with these types of accessories. This can help you to look like your favourite celebrities with relative ease!