Interview: What Inspired Claire Jane Part Two

Photo: Erik Kabik

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to chat with wonderful designer Claire Jane Vranian of ICJUK. Being the busy woman she is, I had to check back in with her to finish our chat…

Expression of self seems to very important to you. However, was there any one person, era, or genre of music that influenced your creativity? How did you come to your choices of vintage embellishments, rich fabrics with exotic animal prints and magical coloured feathers?
I use some vintage embellishments on vintage handbags as that is what really makes them one of a kind. I do not mass produce as I hand embellish each handbag. I love fabrics, textures and colors. I love feathers, lace, pearls, vintage prints, and jewelry. I use cocque and goose feathers, which I buy at crafting stores. I find peacock feathers online for my hair accessories and make sure they’re cruelty-free and naturally molted. Each item comes with special care instructions. So long as you “don’t pluck them,” the feathers are quite durable [laughs].

Tell us about the most outrageous purse you have custom made.
I have created many outrageous handbags! I only do outrageous, darling! I think one of my favorite custom orders that springs to mind is a ‘wonder woman’ themed handbag bag that I created for Mike Inez’s (Alice in Chains) wife.

The MusiCares Person of the Year tribute is one of the most prestigious events held during Grammy Week. Proceeds from this event provide support for music people in times of financial, medial and personal need. Donations by ICJUK were phenomenal. How was it being involved in such an event with Sir Paul McCartney and how did this involvement occur? Did you have the chance to meet Sir Paul?
Unfortunately, I didn’t go to the event. I only donated to the charity but my name was printed in the program for the donation was great! Lots of photos were taken and granted ICJUK wonderful exposure! The charity is an amazing one for musicians. Its primary purpose is to focus the resources and attention to the music industry.

Your Zappos Launch Party was hosted June 27, 2012 at Il Mullino at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I was totally gutted to find that I missed out on such. This event showcased you and ICJUK joining a notable group of emerging designers.
Yes, I’m thrilled and humbled to be chosen!! The launch was so much fun! Seeing my creations displayed and the look of appreciation on everyone’s face was wonderful. You can read more about the launch and also where you can order through Zappos.

We have been eagerly watching everyday for new items, but wow, the specials you have going on! Free shipping on your handbags, sales… What else can we expect to see?
My new Skulls Galore Hoody! I’m currently running a special, buy two tees and receive a free scarf! Ah, the competition is ‘Win a designer tee like Joe Elliott’. Each week I choose from the entries received and send the winner a free tee like Joe is currently wearing on the ‘Rock of Ages’ tour. Click here to enter.

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