Celebrity Big Brother Task: Hello Sailor

Julian and Harvey are called to the diary room. They are instructed that they will become sea captains for today’s task. In the diary room, they must don their uniforms and return to house dressed as sea captains.

Julian and Harvey will lead two teams of housemates in a head to head boat building task. In the garden, each team will be given a matching pile of materials with which to build their boat. This will include: sheets of polystyrene, cardboard, cardboard tubing, sticky back plastic, plastic sheets and gaffa tape. Each team will also be given a mast and flag to include in the boat’s design.

Before the race there will be a boat naming ceremony and the finished boats will be christened by the captains smashing a sugar glass bottle on the side.

The captains will then race finished boats up and down the pool, using a paddle to propel their boat along. The captain that gets to the end and back in the fastest time wins!