Top TV Talent – Joshua Jackson, Nick Wechsler, Keegan Allen

2012 is proving to be a great year for TV. Whether you love zombies, the law, sci-fi or twins who swap lives, there’s something for everyone on the small screen at the moment.

With that in mind – and because we just love to lower the tone – we’ve compiled a list of top TV talent – the ten hottest, most talented actors from some of our favourite TV shows.

Please note, this article contains spoilers. If you’re not up to date on any of the shows below, read/watch the videos at your own risk.

10. Norman Reedus – The Walking Dead

In at ten we have Norman Reedus, star of The Walking Dead. Norman plays survivor Daryl Dixon, who is volatile and violent but very very sexy. So he’s a little dirty and rough around the edges, but the further into the show we get, the more we see his softer side.
He reminds us a little of Sawyer from Lost, and boy, do we love him. Let’s just hope The Walking Dead doesn’t end in a church – still not over that one.
Norman in a fantastic actor, whose other hit roles include Travis in Gossip and Murphy in The Boondock Saints.

9. Blair Redford – The Lying Game

The Lying Game star Blair Redford is our number nine. Blair plays Ethan Whitehorse, Sutton Mercer’s secret boyfriend. Not only is Ethan a super-handsome bad boy, but he just knows that his girlfriend has been replaced with her secret twin sister when he kisses her which is kind of cute, we suppose. To be honest, he had us at hot bad boy.
We also think Blair is a pretty brilliant actor, which only adds to his charm. Oh, and he rides a motorbike (in the show). Ultimate hotness.

8. Keegan Allen – Pretty Little Liars

Hmm, do you think perhaps we like a bad boy? Then again, we think Keegan Allen’s character in Pretty Little Liars is just misunderstood. It’s weird, because when we first met Toby Cavanaugh we thought he was a psycho, but soon fell in love with him. If there’s one thing Pretty Little Liars has taught us, it’s that people aren’t always what they first seem – that, and if you mess with people you’ll end up getting murdered. Life lessons.
Keegan is a fantastic actor, as well as being easy on the eyes.
Oh, and while he isn’t technically a cast member, I can’t mention hotness and Pretty Little Liars without talking about sexy singer Adam Lambert who will be putting in a guest appearance in the Halloween episode.

7. Andrew Lincoln – The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln – a man who, to us, will always be Egg from This Life. However, he is also Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead and he’s pretty much just a good guy who is trying to do the right thing – not our usual type at all.
Rick was a Sheriff’s Deputy before zombies took over the world and stuff, oh yeah, the uniform, that explains a lot.
But seriously, Andrew is a Brit actor doing a fantastic job playing an American – in particular, his accent is fantastic.

6. Seth Gabel – Fringe

In at six we have Seth Gabel AKA Fringe’s Lincoln Lee. Seth is one of a few Fringe cast members we’d love to go “over there with”, if you know what we mean.
He has one of those rare faces capable of being cute and sexy – usually people are one or the other. From his dimpled cheeks to his gorgeous green eyes, combined with his excellent acting skills (the man plays TWO versions of Lincoln and manages to make them both seem like entirely different people) makes him very worthy of a spot on our to-hit list.

5. Matt Czuchry – The Good Wife

Our number five “honour” has to go to Matt Czuchry. You may know Matt from his role as Logan Huntzberger in Gilmore Girls, but to us he will always be Cary Agos from The Good Wife. Cary is one of those characters who you can’t quite work out – is he a good guy or a bad guy? We think deep down he’s a good guy, and we’re delighted to see him back at Lockhart & Gardner – we were never sure who to side with when he was at the State’s Attorney’s Office, where he worked for the handsome Peter Florrick (played by Sex and the City legend, Chris Noth).
Not only is Matt a great actor (remember that scene when he was high?) but he’s got that cheeky-faced handsomeness going on too.

4. Jon Bernthal – The Walking Dead

Here’s the thing, if my husband was in a coma and a zombie apocalypse ended life as we know it, I would totally get it on with his best friend if his best friend was Jon Bernthal. That’s basically what happens in The Walking Dead – Jon’s character, Shane, gets together with Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln, see number seven) wife.
Shane is a bad boy, which is probably why we like him so much. He has very different ideas from Rick – apart from his taste in women, obviously – but it’s most likely his bad boy ways and his rugged good looks that make us Team Shane instead of Team Rick. Although, if one of them died we’d happily switch to the other…

3. Nick Wechsler – Revenge

Our number three is the swoon-some Nick Wechsler, who plays quite possibly the most perfect man ever, Jack Porter, in Revenge. Not only does Jack have a boat (named after his childhood sweetheart – aww) and a bar (hello cocktails) but he’s ridiculously handsome, with lovely hair, and he always looks out for those around him. We love his friendship with Nolan Ross (played by Gabriel Mann – also a cutie, and absolutely hilarious) oh, and he’s nice to dogs too. Perfect man.
Nick isn’t just a pretty face, he is also a fantastic actor, and we’re fascinated by how well he’s grown up. Remember when he played Kevin “Trek” Sanders in Team Knight Rider? Us neither, but he looked a bit like a girl.

2. Josh Charles – The Good Wife

It was tough deciding who should get the top spot, so Josh Charles, know that you were almost our number one. Josh plays the charismatic Will Gardner in The Good Wife.
Fiction’s most eligible bachelor, Will is a lawyer and a good one at that. We get (real) tingles watching him do his thing in (fictional) court.
Thanks to Josh and our number five, Matt Czuchry, we now have a thing for men in suits – or men out of suits who were previously in suits.
Of course Josh is also a great actor and a really nice guy as you can see in the video (above) which goes behind the scenes on the set of The Good Wife.

1. Joshua Jackson – Fringe

From one Josh to another, our number one spot goes to the super-handsome, super-sexy, super-talented Joshua Jackson.
We’ve swooned over many Fringe men (Seth Gabel even made our list at number six) but it’s FBI civilian consultant Peter Bishop who we adore the most. In a show where there is at least two of everyone, it speaks volumes that there is only one Peter – it’s because he’s perfect (that’s not why at all, but we like to think it is).
Of course we’ve always loved Joshua as an actor – we can’t do this without mentioning Pacey Witter in Dawson’s Creek, Blaine Tuttle in Cruel Intentions and Beau Edson in Gossip, who we didn’t believe was a rapist, not for a second.
Fringe is not only a fantastic TV show, but it’s full of talented and attractive actors – we’ve already mentioned Seth, then there’s Kirk Acevedo, Ryan Mcdonald, Mark Valley, Sebastian Roché and even John Noble, who, despite being 64-years-old, scrubs up pretty well as Walternate. Hubba hubba.