Yey! Fringe’s Final Season Kicks Off Tonight!

Get excited Fringe fans, the hit sci-fi show will be back on US screens tonight.

Ok, so we have to wait a little longer here in the UK, but Fringe’s fifth and final season officially starts tonight on Fox.


We’ve missed having Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Nobel and the gang on our screen, and we can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen in the final season, which is set in 2036 – sixteen years after the Observers invaded earth.

Speaking about the final season, producer J.H. Wyman told “The structure of this season is going to be very straightforward in that I didn’t want to pull any tricks or introduce any new universes or anything crazy. I just really wanted to focus on the emotions of what the characters are going through, and stay very focused on our core relationships because I think we spent the last four years gearing up for this season, and I just was always very concerned that the characters would get their emotional due.

“I looked at it like it’s a 13-episode feature film where in Fringe’s past, you deal with one episode that’s about Olivia feeling one way and then the next episode she’s feeling a completely different way and it’s a little bit more sporadic. I think that’s the nature of episodic television. But with this shortened season it allows us to really have a continuity of emotional states so you can feel like you’re watching a saga, and that’s what I felt that the show deserved. That’s the direction that I went in, so week to week it’s a continuance of the emotions that you’ve seen the week before.”

I absolutely adore Fringe. Everything I know about science, I learned from Fringe – it’s practically educational. It also fuels my Joshua Jackson crush. We recently placed Joshua number one on our list of top TV talent. Click here to read more.