Is Melissa McCarthy getting a big head?

A report has claimed that Melissa McCarthy is getting a bit big for her boots.

According to ShowbizSpy, the Mike & Molly actress knows that she is hot property at the moment and is behaving as such.

“Melissa’s head has swollen to epic proportions,” revealed a source. “She complains about the quality of scripts and grumbled about the direction the show is going in. She came back this season with a huge chip on her shoulder, and it’s creating a lot of tension and bad feelings on the set.

“She’s suddenly one of hottest actresses in town and she’s been inundated with films scripts.

“The sky’s the limit for her professionally, and she feels TV is holding her back from superstardom. It’s obvious she wants out of Mike & Molly now.

“She actually approached producers to see if she could get out of the contract of even buy her way out… but Mike & Molly is a huge hit for the network, and they certainly aren’t going to let their biggest draw walk away from it.”