Adam Lambert “couldn’t help” sharing Les Miserables opinion

The world almost stopped turning last week when Adam Lambert dared to give an honest opinion about Les Miserables.

Adam voiced that he found the singing distracting, and suggested that “with that cast, they should have studio recorded and sweetened the vocals.”

“I guess I’m a purist for the original LIVE broadway recording when the actors sang the f*ck outta those songs. JUST an opinion…[sic]”

His review soon went viral, and even star Russell Crowe tweeted about it.

“I don’t disagree with Adam, sure it could have been sweetened, Hooper wanted it raw and real, that’s how it is,” he said.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Adam still felt he had to defend his opinion.

“I should prob stop fanning the flames on this one..but i love a good debate- couldnt help myself.[sic]”

Have you seen Les Miserable (2012) yet? Leave you opinion below… if you dare.