Lea Michele wants pale Cory Monteith to get a tan

Lea Michele wants her boyfriend Cory Monteith to get some colour.

The Glee actor says his co-star/girlfriend recently went on holiday – perhaps so he could get some sun.

“I’m like an SPF 70 million kind of guy. I think [Lea] wants me to get a little color to be honest, because I’m transparent almost, I’m so pale,” he said.

Cory also spoke about how, despite the fact the went to a remote location, that the paparazzi managed to find them.

“Those paparazzi! We went to one of the most remote locations in the United States. This valley we went to, they followed us there, I was shocked,” he added.

“[I had] no idea that they were there. We went for this beautiful hike, valley and everything, and bam, they showed up. It was like, ‘I can’t believe you guys followed us all the way here.’ And then I was like, ‘Take our picture because you worked so hard for it you deserve it.’

“I’m just the guy from Glee from Canada. I’m just on vacation. Don’t you want to take pictures of Jack Black or something?”