Celebrity Adventures in Facial Hair: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Facial hair is a funny thing. On some blokes a beard looks great… but there’s a fine line between Gerard Butler and Grizzly Adams.

While any regular fella can get away with a bad (facial) hair day, when it comes to celebrities their adventures in facial fuzz will haunt them for the rest of their days thanks to a combination of the paparazzi and the internet.

Some celebrities frequently sport facial hair, and they rock it. Shia LaBeouf usually has something going on which only adds to his handsomeness, a beard completes George Clooney’s swooned-over “salt ‘n’ pepper” look and Colin Farrell just wouldn’t look right without a bit of stubble at the least.

Then we’ve got the famous faces who grow a little something now and then to change their look. Leonardo DiCaprio looks amazing with or without a beard, Zac Efron has rocked the occasional beard and we think it really suits him, and then we have Adam Lambert who is looking extra hot at the moment with his latest beard… which amazingly looks nothing at all like the last one the sexy singer sported.

What about the bad? Well, we’re sorry, Brad Pitt, but we’ve never really liked your bearded-face as much as we love your beard-less face, ditto Robert Pattinson. I also (weirdly) have very specific requirements when it comes to fit new Superman Henry Cavil – I like him without a beard, I love him with a bit of stubble going on but any more than that and I start to go off him… but only ever so slightly, and I would deny it to his beautiful face.

There are some celebrities who just need to avoid facial hair altogether – I’m looking at you, Matthew McCouaughey. When he’s all clean-shaven and gorgeous for a romcom then Matthew is the perfect man, but between movies… oh, man. The hair, the beard, someone give the man some scissors. ┬áThen we have Joaquin Phoenix, and I don’t care if he’s doing it for real, or it’s a hoax – whatever, just remember than you were gorgeous in Gladiator and then you got all hairy and scary and cringey – oh my!

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