Charlie Simpson paid a six-figure sum so McBusted could happen?

If the rumours are true, then it’s no wonder Charlie Simpson was so supportive of Matt Willis and James Bourne (sort of) reforming Busted without him.

Matt and James recently announced that they would be forming a supergroup with buddies McFly, called McBusted. Everyone was wondering what ex bandmate Charlie thought about this, and with James himself telling us previously that Charlie wouldn’t reunite or let them use the Busted name without him, we knew something must have changed his mind.

According to a source, Charlie was given a six-figure cheque to sell his third of the copyrighted name, Busted.

“He is getting on with his solo career, he isn’t really even working with Fightstar – the band he created after leaving Busted – but didn’t feel it was fair not to be bought out of the Busted brand,” the source told the Mirror.

“All three sat down amicably and worked out a figure that everyone was happy with. Charlie made it clear in no uncertain terms that that’s it for him and the boys now, it’s finished.”