Top 20 Sexiest Male Celebrities 2014

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

And so, the number one spot goes to… Leonardo DiCaprio. And no, it isn’t 1997.

At 39 years of age, Leo is the oldest person to top our Sexy List to date – but that’s exactly why he is so deserving of the top spot. Previous number ones have been Ian Somerhalder (then 33), Joshua Jackson (then 34) and Henry Cavill (then 29), and while it hardly seems worth mentioning Leo’s age because he doesn’t look it (he is nearly 40 and playing a 26-year-old in The Wolf of Wall Street), we do so because it shows just how long he has been in our lives. We first fell for Leo when he played Romeo in Romeo + Juliet back in 1996 – that’s nearly twenty years ago! After that we had Titanic, and then Leo made the brave move of taking his time and picking his roles carefully over the following years. These days he’s taking on incredible roles and doing an excellent job. Our Crush on Leo will stand the test of time because the older he gets, the more handsome he gets. We love you, Leo.